Course Schedule

This schedule is subject to change. Changes will be announced over slack and via email. More detailed briefs for specific assignments will be available later. Bolded items indicate events where we will be meeting on campus. We will always meet on Thursdays. Again, specific details and dates can be found on the page for each individual assignment.

Week 1            Introductions: You, Gouache

Week 2            Gouache continued, Ink

Week 3            Domains Introduction, Gouache continued

Week 4            Contemporary Illustrators

Week 5            Gouache FINAL due, Surface Design: Repeating Patterns

Week 6            Surface Design, Lauren Minco Lowen talk

Week 7            Surface Design

Week 8            Surface Design FINAL due, Final Project Introduction

Week 9            SPRING BREAK – No Class    

Week 10          Editorial Illustration

Week 11          Editorial Illustration, Sam Smith talk

Week 12          Editorial Illustration FINAL due

Week 13          Final Project briefs due, sketches due

Week 14          Final Project, in-class meeting for WIP critique

Week 15          Final Project EXAM, May 9th, 7-9 PM, location TBD